10 Meal Prep Tips & Tricks

June 24, 2020

Ever get overwhelmed by the thought of meal prep?

These are 10 quick tips I thought of while I prepped my meals on Sunday!




  1. If you get overwhelmed looking at all your ingredients and don’t know where to start you can start by chopping onions - Onions and garlic are great for you! They add serious flavor and are low cal ;)

  2. The rice cooker and CrockPot are your friends! Set ‘em and forget ‘em - This gives you more time to focus on other tasks

  3. Don’t underestimate salad and skillet kits for fast prep - Add protein, heat and eat

  4. Food doesn’t have to be boring or taste bad to be good for you or to be appropriate for your goals - season it! Use things you enjoy!

  5. Don’t forget to track the oil you cook with! It’s easy to overlook and underestimate

  6. Center every meal around a protein and at least one vegetable

  7. Not every meal needs to be 100% prepped. Some things are better fresh - start by having your fruits and veggies pre-chopped so you can cook them when you’re ready

  8. Carve out an afternoon (I choose Sundays) - it seems like a lot of time, but you’re going to save yourself time and headache during the week

  9. If you’re just starting out and aren’t sure how much to prep remember that you don’t have to do every single meal! Start with the meal you struggle the most with and work from there - small steps add up over time

  10. It won’t be perfect right away - there is a lot of trial and error when you start prepping, but give it time and you’ll find a good rhythm 

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